One of the leading Power tools Manufacturer and one of the most popular brand in India. They are known for their vast dealer network and spare parts availability.


One of the Leading Manufacturer from Japan. Known for their vast range in Power tools and cordless tools.


Previously known as HITACHI POWER TOOLS. They are known for their reliability and good industrial customer base.


One of the biggest manufacturer of hand tools. They are known for their Reliability and quality.


Leading power tool brand from Netherlands. They are known for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type of tools. They make some of the best user-friendly tools.


One of the leading Power tools manufacturer from USA. Their power tools are known for their toughness and Job site Support.


A brand from Kanpur (India), known for their value for money tools.


Taparia is one of leading brand in hand tools market in india. known for toughness and wide dealer network PAN India.


One of the most reliable brand for power tools worldwide. First choice for Professionals. They are known for High Performance Power tools. They are generally costly but carry high service life and less Breakdowns.


A Brand From Germany. They make some of the best Magnetic core drills and Diamond core drilling machines among others.


Loctite is a brand from Henkel group. They make Adhesives and sealants. They are generally well established in the industrial sector.

Max Green

One of the Leading company for lawnmowers and garden tools. They are Based in Ahmadabad (Gujarat). Known for their reliability and customer service.


One of the most leading brand from Germany, they make outdoor power equipment like chainsaws, Brush cutters among others. They carry good reputation for being customer centric and has a vast dealer network.


Liberti is one of the biggest ladder manufacturer in India. They have a PAN India Presence. They are known for their Quality Ladders in both Aluminium and FRP Segment.

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